We are the Global Gardeners, the product of our individual stories bringing us to study in London, more so, we are the product of what led us to study what we are studying. This in particular is the course where we were prompted to take action as citizens of the globe.

Through this module, we formed a team focused on plans of raising awareness of global issues as well as sustainable practices, educating a younger generation through in-school presentations in the local community of these issues, and attaining a plot of land for the purpose of urban gardening.

The Start: Jan. 17 – Group formed, decided that this was the project for us.

The End: as long as we have land, there is no official end. This project is to last us academically until March 22nd, however many of us will continue into June, and hopefully some will carry on until they graduate or leave London.

Welcome to our journey!

Are you ready to meet the team? https://globalgardeners.wordpress.com/who/ 


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