The final day of term arrives and hours before the module begins (the course in which we began our work as Global Gardeners), we meet with the wonderful Andrew and Anna off of Gray’s Inn Road by Holborn. The local councillor hoped for something like this, for citizens to care about their local ecosystems and having residents actively participating in the community right outside their doors. The Keyhole Shaped Plot of Land is the answer we all hoped for.

This land is to be planned and maintained by us, the Global Gardeners, alongside anyone who would like to join in a slight transformation of greenish to greenest. Our bake sale proceeds will go to equipment and tools for this garden and we are in the planning stages now of what to actually do with the land! This is extraordinarily exciting news for us, bringing global issues to local activity in efforts of relief.

The global and local benefits of maintaining an urban garden (whether or not it is “yours” or the community’s) are as follows:

+ combats carbon dioxide and city pollution/improves air quality

+ creates access to “green city space” (a rarity in the concrete jungle)

+ reduces carbon footprint

+ local produce, and knowledge of how to grow food (health and access)

+ community involvement (brings a community together, working for a common goal)

+ inspires other groups, students, organizations, and citizens to take action in maximizing these benefits through the journey to create green city space sustainably (the way the Global Gardeners started – through the inspiration and impact of existing urban gardens around the world) !


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