The Healthy, Happy Human and Nature

“A landmark study by Roger S. Ulrich, published in the April 27, 1984, issue of Science magazine, found strong evidence that nature helps heal. Ulrich, a pioneer in the field of therapeutic environments at Texas A&M University, found that patients recovering from gallbladder surgery who looked out at a view of trees had significantly shorter hospital stays, fewer complaints, and took less pain medication, than those who looked out at a brick wall.”

Gardening isn’t only good on the human eye, (as most of you know, visually a garden can be absolutely beautiful), but good for the human heart and mind. Gardening is a form of exercise that involves various movements, balance, and strength. Rarely do those who garden get easily winded because they are closely interacting with plants that need carbon dioxide (what humans exhale), to produce oxygen. Also, having a task that is creative, stimulating, and results in visual growth, can be tremendously important in the promotion of one’s health, and the reduction of one’s carbon footprint!

It rarely matters the size of one’s flat or plot of land, there is always a little room for a lovely plant.


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