When = March 16th
Where = 280 urban gardens across the UK
What = participation in your local community via gardening

We set out, quite bundled up, on a rainy morning to do whatever asked of us on this momentous occasion. Sophie and Patrick got to work leveling the land, while Hayley, Dominique, Ellie, and Poppy quickly learned how to build four raised flower beds under instruction of Hannah and co., who were born with green thumbs to say the least. The beds are bottomless, allowing for soil to be put in, and gardening to be done while standing or from a wheelchair. We met a few residents of the building that oversee the garden, and they were absolutely thrilled to have volunteers caring for their land. One especially lovely woman came out several times to explain how excited she was to plant in the beds. She offered us drinks for our hard work, and told us to come back anytime! Although this was not our own plot of land, it was wonderful working on something that will be sustained, and hopefully we will receive similar support when we begin to plan and work on our own garden!


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